Volume 10, 2012

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Volume 10 launched December 2012. The Editor-in-Chief of Volume 10 of the MDR was Sam Block, best speaker at Worlds in 2008 and at Euros in 2007, as well as co-CA of Worlds in 2012.

The edition delved into issues of tournament organisation including a comprehensive guide to tabulation and discussion on the qualifications and composition of adjudication cores. Volume 10 also explored thematic areas of debate, including a passionate defence of sports topics as well as an examination of American style parliamentary debate.


Editor in Chief: Sam Block
Associate Editors: Anat Shapira, Colin Etnire, Chris Bisset
Publication Manager: Stephen Moore
Layout: Sam Whitney

Volume 10 2012

Editorial / SAM BLOCK
On the origin of delays, by means of tabulation dysfunction / BOB NIMMO

The extermination of schedules in the struggle for data.

A little goes a long way / ART WARD

Some thoughts on the make-up and size of adjudication teams for large international tournaments.

Not a judgement call: why we simply shouldn’t use lay adjudicators / SAM BLOCK
Theology and the average reasonable person of British Parliamentary debating / TIM LEES

It’s not all balls / ROB MARS

What unites bombing Mecca, trying Ariel Sharon and six Englishmen starting for Manchester United?

Fighting to construct social reality: a sociolinguistic analysis of American Parliamentary debate / LELIA GLASS AND COLIN ETNIRE