Volume 12, 2014


Editor in Chief: Rebecca Meredith
Associate Editors: Gemma Buckley, Brett Frazer, Vihasini Gopakumar, Freddy Powell, Aditya Shetty, Milan Vignjevic
Publication Manager: Sam Whitney

Changing Landscapes: Proposals for Debating Reform

Introducing Elo Ratings in British Parliamentary Debating – Ashish Kumar, Michael Goekjian and Richard Coates

Text Tab – Saad Amjad

Making Judge Feedback More Representative – Maja Cimerman, Calum Worsley and Tomas Beerthuis

Adjudication and Motions

The ‘Fairness Principle’ in Debating – Gemma Buckley and Josh Taylor

Comparing Experienced Judges and Lay Judges – Eric Barnes

Building the Narrative – Andrew Gaulke

Setting Motions – Stephen M. Llano

Commentary and Critique: the Functioning of Tournaments

How (not) to Run Worlds: Advice from two people who needed it – Harish Natarajan and Michael Baer

Transgender exclusion in debating: A case for pronoun introductions – Crash Wigley

An Evaluation of Four-Team-Per-Contest Swiss (Power Paired) Tournament Structures Using Computer Models in Python – Neil du Toit

It Actually Has a Real-Life Function: Debating as a Pedagogical Tool in Singaporean Education Introduction – Huiyi Lu